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Santa Eulalia Del Río, Islas Baleares,

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NuPhoria is a unique combination of new technologies and centuries-old alternative therapies that can heal mind, body and soul. Whether you are suffering from long-term pain, or are just feeling stressed and run-down, a NuPhoria treatment will leave you relaxed, rejuvenated and euphoric.

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What we do

Healing Blanket

The Healing Health Blanket has gone through extensive research conducted by the Russian Space Program.


This unique blanket contains reflective metallic material similar to that used in the lining of the astronaut suits for protection against potentially harmful electromagnetic fields. The Blanket has amazing health benefits because it works as an energy mirror, reflecting the body's natural radiation back and showing the body its 'energetic portrait'. The body corrects these imbalances and restores the harmony and beauty of its natural energy flow, gradually improving the state of health. The body regains its natural healing powers, returning to the path of our youth, when our self-recovery ability was its strongest.

Healing blanket experience


Cocooning you in this magic blanket will give you a feeling of security and complete relaxation enticing you into a beautiful sleep whilst listening to calm healing music with an Aromatherapy blend diffusing whilst you dream.


Healing blanket results


Immediate reduction of stress,

Strengths immune system,

Reduces recovery period from traumas, injuries, surgery and common illnesses,

Increases brain wave activity.


Whether you are suffering from a long-term condition, or are simply feeling run-down and stressed, we are sure your NuPhoria treatment with leave you feeling like a new person. Don’t take our word for it though, see what our clients say.

“Wow! Gemma really has a magic touch! After suffering from a sore neck and shoulder due to being crunched over breastfeeding.

Gemma gave me a treatment, using the genie and a full body massage, I left feeling super relaxed and pain free!”

Soma, 25 Mar 17


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